International Lectures from Fukuoka, Japan Human Science International Course

活动品牌 大连理工大学-学术活动
主 讲 人 Prof. Hiroyuki Ito, Prof. Kazuo Ueda, Prof. Gerard B. Remijn
活动地点 创新园大厦二楼报告厅
开始时间 2019-03-14 09:00
结束时间 2019-03-14 12:00


9:00–9:15 Opening Introduction of the Human Science International course (Professor Yoshitaka Nakajima)
——Lectures 1–3 (9:15–9:45)——
9:15–9:45 Visual Perception (Professor Hiroyuki Ito, Professor Takeharu Seno)
9:45–10:15 Auditory and Speech Perception (Professor Kazuo Ueda)
10:15–10:45 Perception and Brain Research (Professor Gerard B. Remijn)
10:45–11:00 Break
11:00–11:15 Studying at Kyushu University (Liu Shimeng, Ni Jing, Yu Xiaoyang)

11:15–11:45ag客户端苹果手机版下载|优惠 Q&A about studying, lectures, and degrees at Kyushu University

Lecture 1: Visual Perception The visual world is not
a photo copy of the physical world. To illustrate this, we
wish to introduce some visual phenomena (for example,
motion illusion, afterimage, or vection). They effectively
demonstrate how the eye and brain process visual information.

Lecture 2: Auditory and Speech Perception Speech
perception is closely related to, not only linguistics and
acoustics, but also basic auditory functions and learning.
Several auditory demonstrations using speech stimuli
will be presented, after a brief introduction to the auditory
peripheral functions and recent our investigations
on auditory and speech perception.

Lecture 3: Perception and Brain Research In this
lecture we will look at the structural and functional organization
of the human brain, and discuss the workings of
the brain in relation to human perception. The examples
of neuroscientific research will mostly relate to human
hearing and vision.